Vaughn Meadows Neighborhood Association

Montgomery, Alabama 36106

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In 2012, Vaughn Meadows Neighborhood Association (VMNA) had 221 member households,  including residents and other neighbors who support the Association’s goals. That number has continued to increase each year.  All residents are encouraged to join to help guide new initiatives to enhance our community.  The $75 annual household membership includes the two major fun events, Spring Party and the Holiday Party.

To join the Association:

Please click here to download membership application and make your check ($75 per household) payable to Vaughn Meadows Neighborhood Association (VMNA) and mail to: 

Vaughn Meadows Neighborhood Association (VMNA)

c/o Bryan Hassler

3849 Llyde Lane

Montgomery, AL 36106


The primary undertaking in 2009 was the beautification of four medians that span a tenth of a mile on Fieldcrest Drive, at the northern main entrance to Vaughn Meadows.   The Landscaping Committee, Chaired by Jim Vice, spearheaded the planting of a dozen Chinese Pistache Trees, six dark red Tuscarora Crepe Myrtles, and numerous shrubs around the entrance sign and flagpole.  Beautiful colorful plants bloom in the first median and in front of the sign in the fourth median.   Under the leadership of the Chairman of the Garden Club, the plants are selected for each season and planted by a team of volunteers.  With the financial support of our local member of the City Council, the Mayor and residents who contributed time and effort,  lighting and irrigation infrastructure were installed to enhance the new flagpole and raised entrance sign.

In January of 2010, the Association received approval and funding from the City to correct and raise the curbing around the four entrance medians.  This will enhance the appearance by preventing vehicles from cutting across a median, damaging the plantings. The Association also installed a similar monument sign at the second (southern) major entrance to the neighborhood.

In 2011, the Association has continued its efforts to maintain and improve its entrances.  The Association has added to its events a Neighborhood Yard Sale.  This yard sale is held on the second Saturday in June.  We continue to help our neighbors and improve our neighborhood.

With increased membership and support of our neighbors, we began a new project in 2012.  To continue to improve the beauty of the neighborhood, we began having beautiful wrought iron street and stop sign posts placed throughout the neighborhood.  These sign posts match the original design of the mailboxes installed when Vaughn Meadows was developed.  This project will be done in stages as funds are available.  We encourage all members to install the cast iron mailboxes to give our neighborhood a more consistent appearance.  We continue to update the members on important issues affecting the neighborhood and community thru emails.  Maintaining and improving our beautiful neighborhood is our continued goal.

Our mission for 2013 is to replace all gavnized sign posts with cast iron posts and updated signs